How it works?

Welcome to SATopShops!

This platform comes as a small contribution towards opening up South Africa’s retail space and service markets.

The contribution comes on two fronts:

  • Our platform offers an equal opportunity for traders to promote competitively priced goods and services.
  • By advancing competition on discounted products, the platform is designed to benefit the consumer with lower prices.

The platform is anchored by the listing of discounted goods and services on different intervals.

SATopShops will feature new discounted deals as and when they are made available by traders (Regular Deals). The daily listing of deals will be funnelled towards bigger and better deals of the week and then towards even major discounts of the month (Top Deals).

Traders can list up to five deals per day, under regular deals, but not more than 25 in one week. They can also list up to five deals for each the end of the weekend and month-end selections.

Consumers can access these deals by visiting our platform and also by subscribing for our newsletters which will deliver deals via email. And our selections of top deals will also be featured prominently on our social media pages.

Retailers can register for listing of deals by navigating towards the List Your Deal icon on our main menu. Deals can also be emailed to us at:

Alongside the deal listings on our platform, we achieve our broader objectives by interrogating and capturing useful business trends with a particular focus on retail and service industries. Most of the editorial content is supplied by our sister online business and economic news platform You can submit editorial content suggestions at