Adjustments to Standard Bank’s internet banking: Here what you need to know


Standard Bank has made some adjustments to its online banking platform which has amongst other things moved the login icons and forex rates icons.

In a message to customers Standard Bank said “We’re upgrading our website so you’re going to notice some changes from Thursday evening, 12 April 2018. But don’t worry, your Username and Password to access your online banking will not change. See below for the key things to note about this upgrade.”

The objective behind the changes is achieving an internet banking platform that is “Fast, convenient and user-friendly (with) information at your fingertips.”

Key highlights of the changes were captured as follows: 

Some key highlights:
Find what you need, where you need it, whether you want to borrow, save, grow your business or send and receive money
Check out our new calculators, compare products and prices anywhere, anytime
The site looks great on your mobile device too!


Internet banking and all logins
All user logins have moved to the top right hand corner of the page, where it says ‘Sign-in to your accounts’.
UCount login
Access the UCount site by clicking on ‘Rewards’ or access the UCount Online and Travel Malls directly by clicking on ‘Shop’.
Forex rates
FX rates has moved under the ‘Sign-in to your accounts’ section and can also be found by clicking on ‘Foreign Exchange’ under ‘Products and Services’.
You can now compare products and services online to make the best decision for your needs.
Will my Online Banking stay the same?
Once you have logged into your online banking, it will look and work exactly the same way as before.
Will I have to change my Password?
You will not need to change your Username or Password and, remember, we will never ask you for this information.
If you have any questions, get in touch with us or call 0860 120 00.
To report fraud call 0800 020 600.
Remember: We will never send you an email with a link to input your bank login details. Report all suspicious emails by forwarding them or call 0800 222 050.

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